FriendsgivingOne in six kids in America today face hunger. But you could change that statistic through the power of friendship.

One of our partners, Generation No Kid Hungry, offers a fun and easy way for you and your friends to give back to kids in need. By organizing a Friendsgiving to support No Kid Hungry, you can use this holiday to fight childhood hunger.

The idea is simple. If you’ll be organizing a Friendsgiving — a gathering of friends to celebrate a Thanksgiving-style meal — turn it into a fundraiser. Sign up at the Friendsgiving for No Kid Hungry website and register your event. You can then give your invited guests easy fundraising tools that they can use to raise money in honor of the holiday. The money raised will go to help fight childhood hunger.

Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week can be a great time to organize a Friendsgiving. It’s a chance to celebrate the holiday with your friends (and fight childhood hunger) before you spend Thanksgiving with your family.