Us and ThemIf you are seeking a movie to screen during Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, consider showing “Us and Them,” a new documentary on homelessness.

For this film, filmmaker Krista Loughton spent ten years documenting the lives of four chronically homeless individuals. These four charismatic people reveal the heartrending realities of their lives. The severe challenges of life on the street are portrayed with an unapologetic openness, in both emotive and humorous ways. All are struggling with addiction issues rooted in their painful childhood histories. Their stories help to break down the stereotypes about homelessness, changing the way that filmgoers view the homeless.

In describing the film, Dr. Sam Tsemberis, founder and director of the Pathways Housing First Institute, said: “Labeling our fellow human beings as ‘homeless’ creates separation and allows for conflict. Hearing the remarkable stories of struggle and survival of the people in this film brings us closer to them and eliminates the distance between us.”

To learn more about the film and contact the filmmaker about holding a screening, visit the film’s website.