Boerne, TX Community

6321 Robinsnest Drive, San Antonio, Texas, 78249, United States

Boerne, TX Community
6321 Robinsnest Drive


Our church (St. Mark Presbyterian) has organized events with other organizations and churches in Boerne, TX. This is our first year doing a “Hunger and Homelessness Week.” We start with a CROP Walk on 11/13/21 and have one more event on 11/17/21: Teen Night. The CROP Walk will have 4 different stops on the walk providing information about hunger in our community and globally; refreshments will be served along with an information table and a pledge table of what people pledge to do to help. Teen Night consists of pulling together teens across the community and watching short videos on teen homelessness and having about 3 local speakers. Event will be outside and a blow up movie screen will be used. Dinner is offered.