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West Fork & Connections Bay

West Fork & Connections Bay

11/16/2023 – Real Stories Public Viewing

Real Stories is a traveling art installation presented at college campuses to raise awareness and understanding towards students experiencing basic needs insecurities and homelessness. The content displayed is inspired by the student stories collected during the project and done in conjunction with a live story exchange from student champions. The stories and content provide a unique experience to help patrons leave with a better understanding of the struggle inherent with today’s college student.

Each installation is displayed at an institution to combat the lack of awareness often present with academic leadership and staff. It is not uncommon to hear “oh it does not happen here, or our school is too expensive for students to be homeless”. This common misbelief and the bias held towards those experiencing homelessness and basic needs insecurity makes this challenge difficult to discuss, diagnose, and address.

Real Stories creates a space free of judgement and retaliation where students can be their authentic selves and share inspiring stories to raise awareness and understanding to the unique challenges they face, and the extents of their personal perseverance.

Real Stories | Trinity River will help illuminate the day-to-day experiences of students at Tarrant County College and the online campus Tarrant County College Connect.

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