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2150 62nd Terrace South, St. Petersburg, Florida, 33712, United States

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2150 62nd Terrace South
21 25 #13

21 25 #13

1) magikk experience — Rent Kappa Field at Eckerd College for an amazing magikk experience where we will get in contact with Bon Appetite to provide food resources in order to get students to make a sandwich station where they will be making food for homeless in exchange to receive karma kredits. At the same time, we want to implement live painting, live music and other resources that will allow the students to understand the importance of doing volunteer work at the same time having fun.

2) magikk talks – Have a Pub event where we want to partner with other clubs and organizations. The main goal here is to have a lecture about sustainability and how to empower the volunteer work on and off campus.

3) Beach Clean up — We want to attend as many beach clean up as possible in St Petersburg area, Sarasota, Clearwater etc. The goal here is to make camps on this day such as Surf camp, Beach soccer camp, Beach Volleyball camp etc that we will provide inside our platform that the volunteers can attend these camps by exchanging their karma kredits earned by the volunteer work such as attending our beach clean up event on the same day.

4) Valentine’s Day — Set up a table at Eckerd College Pub to create awareness of doing good actions. The goal here is to sell roses for karma kredits. That way, students that want to give a gift to their loved ones will need to sign up in their platform and intend the desire or curiosity to do volunteer work with magikk. That way, they will receive their roses. The main idea is to spread good actions and love with the understanding that through volunteer work they can get empowered.


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