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Office of the Dean of Students, Bowling Green State University
1001 East Wooster Street
Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green State University

Forking the Lawn – Monday, 11/14
ODOS will stick compostable forks in the lawn of the Union Oval with an informative placard to visually represent the number of students in our community who experience food insecurity. Similar demonstrations have been made by other offices on campus, like the Center for Women and Gender Equity and the LGBTQ Resource Center for domestic violence awareness and Trans Day of Remembrance using small flags. The display will be accompanied by signage with information about food insecurity in the BG community to give context to the forks as well as information about HHAW events. The signage will encourage students share a picture of the display on their Instagram story and follow and tag the ODOS account to be entered to win prizes from campus partners.

T-Shirt Bag Making – Tuesday, 11/15
ODOS will host a service event where students will have the opportunity to turn unwanted and donated t-shirts into tote bags for a local organization that supports our unhoused neighbors. Using our contacts in the Marvin Center etc. we have identified four organizations that can use the bags we produce. We sourced shirts from campus partners who had shirts that are unwanted or otherwise unsuited for giving away. We will share information at the service event about the partner organization the shirt-bags will be donated to and information about hunger and homelessness at BGSU/in NW Ohio via slide show and welcome message.

Gallery Exhibition – Wednesday, 11/16
Attendees will experience a series of exhibits demonstrating different elements of homelessness and food insecurity. Exhibits will be accompanied by informative placards. Exhibits might include:
Backpack with an overnight supply kit for being unhoused
One week of groceries purchased with SNAP
Restrictions on purchases using WIC
A representation of the average time spent on the waitlist for affordable housing
Dinner flatware set with food insecurity statistics
Most requested items by homeless shelters
The goal is to depict some of the realities people experience hunger and homelessness may face. Additionally, at the end of the exhibition, there will be a call to action/ways folks can get involved in these topics.

Food Drive – 11/14-11/18
The annual Hunger and Homelessness Awareness week food drive goal is to help raise awareness for the food insecurity needs on BGSU’s campus by collecting food donations for the ODOS Grab-N-Go bag food program. The event will allow for student organizations to register and earn points per food donation item they collect. The student organization with the most points at the end of the week will win a prize.

Falcons After Dark (Student Engagement) – Friday, 11/18
ODOS will table at the scheduled Falcons After Dark event to share information with students about Case Management services and programs, collect meal swipes for the Falcon Care program, and play a cost of groceries Price is Right game. Students can win prizes for participating and guessing the right answers

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