Rehma Humanitarin Foundation

p.o. box 350, Kumba, DC, 00237

Rehma Humanitarin Foundation, Schools
p.o. box 350 350 350

Dearest Sir,

greetings from Cameroon,our church is called Pentecostal Assemblies,we are located in Cameroon. we are interested to work with you to serve the purpose intended,we are more than happy to work in your context.
We are soliciting to establish your branch center in Cameroon,to enable us bring the together to help and feed them directly help people in need.Please due to war crisis in our two English Regions,churches and ministries are not able to help our the situation, Churches and ministries and other organizations are facing financial crisis hardships and are the only Organization that can bring lives,charges,peace,love ,hope for the future etc

Having your office in our context,shall help many people who those not have hope for the future. Please there are thousands of orphans,street children,refugees,the elderly, widows and the internally displaced persons etc who are suffering due to lack of no finds to help their situations.
Due to the ongoing war crisis in our two English Regions since 2016 to 2020,1000 of homes were burned down,thousands of people being killed,and thousands ex capped to the bushes or forests.those who ex capped to the forests,has no feeding,no clothing, no medical care,no shelter ,no access to drink clean water,and those children does not have academical sponsorships.
Those who are living in the forests,most of them died daily via hunger and starvation. Working with you shall enable us create jobs and employment to the youths etc.
We hereby crave your indulgence,to kindly looking into the matter,keep us updated,we are waiting for your approval and considerations.
Thanks for your understanding and cooperation .
Archbishop Professor.Tabouguie Alphonse
cell +237 670 20 58 96

Please am using my secretary whats app number to make video calls,below is the number.