The Haven of Portage County

263 South Prospect Street, Ravenna, Ohio, 44266, United States

The Haven of Portage County
263 South Prospect Street


This is an awareness and fundraising event where participants will sleep in their car overnight.

Those who are willing to sleep in our cars for just one night will collect pledges to be donated to the Haven of Portage County. This is a low budget affair, so there will be no coffee or breakfast in the morning. Pledge sheets can be picked up at Portage Community Chapel (6490) St. Rt. 14, Ravenna) or at the First United Methodist Church of Ravenna ( 263 S. Prospect). Be sure to leave your name.

We will gather at 9:30 PM in the Portage Community Chapel’s parking lot. The building will be open. We will sign in and turn in our pledge money, then play board games or cards. We will also get to meet the other sleepers and find out where the bathrooms are. Popcorn and cups for water will be provided during game time. At about 11:00 PM, we will go to our cars. Before you leave in the morning, go inside and check off your name. It’s that easy and that difficult.

Nobody wants to sleep in their cars. That is exactly why we will be doing it!