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The University of California, Merced invites you to a panel discussion with the producers of the film, “They Say It Can’t Be Done”. Please watch the film at The passcode is provided upon panel registration. Join the panel discussion on Friday, November 20th at 4 PM PST via Zoom. Register for the panel at: Any questions for the panelists can be emailed to in advance.

Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week
November 20th, 4-5 PM PST
Free and open to the public

“SYNOPSIS: “They Say It Can’t Be Done” is a documentary that explores how innovation can solve some of the world’s largest problems. It tracks four companies on the cutting edge of technological solutions that could:
– Heal the seas
– Solve hunger
– Eliminate organ wait lists
– Reduce atmospheric carbon
Innovation never comes without risk and often brings consequences that can impact our health, safety, and environment. That is why our regulatory system is designed to protect and serve the public interest. In the fast-paced world of technological development, however, even well-intentioned regulations can inadvertently hamper beneficial progress. Each company in the film has the potential to solve some of our greatest challenges, but all face a common roadblock: a regulatory system that could impede their pathways to success. Is it time for us to imagine a new regulatory approach?”